An adventure of sorts – the girls’ first days at school

Whilst moving out of our house and getting ready for our trip I found these. Can you see any sibling resemblances?


9 thoughts on “An adventure of sorts – the girls’ first days at school

  1. Lily Bray says:

    I don’t see the resemblance, but who’s is who’s?
    Because it’s real tough trying to figure it out.

    (I’m Renee’s big sister)

    1. OneLittleAdventure says:

      Hi Lily, and say ‘Hi’ to Renee from Beatrix! Amber is the one on the left, Beatrix in the middle and Dusty on the right. I don’t see any resemblance either!!

    2. Hi Lily, here is a message from Beatrix to Renee.

      Dear Renee,
      I hope you have a good time without me. We’ll have fun together when i get back. I got a new teddy and his name is stingray and he is a chicken. And i’ve got a elephant and her name is Kate. I’ve got a double bed on the boat that i share with Dusty. I got easter eggs on the boat. Did you get easter eggs?

      Love from Beatrix.

    1. Amber says:

      I miss you a lot too Log. And Mae , Eilish and Brooke.

      From Amber 🙂 😡 🙂 😡 🙂 😡 🙂 😡 🙂 😡

      1. Maegan Johnstone says:

        Hi Amber, I miss you so much and school just won’t be the same without you round. have a great time sailing and I hope you had a great Easter.:) 🙂

        From Maegan

        1. Amber Schellens says:

          Hey Mae,
          I miss you so much. I’m doing school too now. We haven’t done much sailing yet but the sailing that we have done was really fun. Tell Brooke to write on the blog because you, Eilish and Logan have all written something and brooke hasn’t. Have fun.

          From Amber

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