Getting used to life on the boat

A few photos from our first couple of weeks living aboard

7 thoughts on “Getting used to life on the boat

  1. Maegan Johnstone says:

    Hi Amber, today at school we had the fun run. I thought that I wouldn’t make it but surprisingly I survived without a stich or feeling sick we had to run 3km and I came 12th! I really, really miss you and school just isn’t the same without you. I have a couple of questions to ask you. 1, have you stared sailing in rte middle of nowhere yet, 2, what is it like living on the boat. hope your having fun.
    From Maegan

    1. Dear Mae,

      It’s really fun living on the boat but I miss you too. We have started sailing but not in the middle of the ocean. I’m proud of you for coming 12th. A few days ago we went to a hot spring, which is a smallish hole 2 or 3 times the size of a bath.There were about 8 hot springs. Some springs were as hot as bathes and some were boiling. They smelt soooooooooooo bad. Most of the time I had my hand over my mouth but I got used to the smell. I miss you.

      from Amber

  2. Grade 2A says:

    Hello Dusty and your family. We love seeing your photos and just wanted to say “Hi”. You look like you are having fun. The boat gymnastics looks interesting. We miss your smiling face Dusty. We hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time. From Mrs Russell and your friends in 2A.

    1. Hello Mrs Russell and 2a,
      I hope the fun run was very fun and you enjoyed your icey-poles. The other day I went into some caves and saw glow worms. I went snorkelling and saw two sting-rays. I just saw three dolphins swim past our boat. Love from Dusty.

      1. Grade 2A says:

        Hi Dusty,
        We are all very envious that you are getting to see and do such awesome things.
        The Fun Run was really good but we had fruit instead of icy poles this year. Our class raised over $400 for the school.
        We are now getting ready for Jump Rope for Heart so we are busy learning how to skip and do skipping tricks.
        From your friends in 2A and Mrs Russell

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