A taste of the Pacific ocean

Two weeks of adventuring up the spectacular northern New Zealand coastline with fair winds and calm seas and now heading back to base camp through big swell and strong gusty winds.

All three girls are sea sick and Anthony is coping only because he is busy sailing. I make a good crew member in these rough seas, not through having good sailing skills except for the lucky trait that I don’t suffer from motion sickness (I’m sure I will at some point). Today I’ve been passing buckets as required, making the requested refreshments, winching, steering, taking photos and videos and writing this blog post!

We’ve spent 14 consecutive nights at anchor, which is quite an achievement. Each night you can guarantee that you will not wake up in the same place that you went to sleep. You’re confident that the new place will be an equally safe spot somewhere around the circle whose centre is where you dropped the anchor, but with each creak, slap, bang and whoosh and with every big gust of wind you wake up with an uncertainty that eats away at your previous confidence. Can you work out what the noise was and convince yourself it was OK or do you need to go outside and check the landmarks, again? While I’m still lying there trying to work it out, Anthony has already gone outside and checked! At the start of the trip he was checking every few hours each night, but after a couple of nights with 40 knot wind gusts, not much sleep and the anchor still holding us perfectly, we could all sleep a bit deeper on the subsequent calmer nights.

Now we’re back at the marina, our ‘home’ after a holiday. We get to shower (tolerating long stints between showers is another useful ‘sailing skill’ that I possess), wash clothes, replenish supplies, hang out with friends and sleep in a boat that feels almost as still as a house. Until the next adventure and the next anchorage …

Rough SeasLuisa Schellens

3 thoughts on “A taste of the Pacific ocean

  1. Maegan Johnstone says:

    Hello Amber, I hope all is well. I miss u heaps and now logan is on holiday for two weeks I am gonna be real lonley. We recently had our auditions for the musical. I didn’t make it into the choir or an acting part so I am going to try out for a dancing part.
    Miss u heeaps from Mae

  2. says:

    I would of been sea sick in the nice calm waters around New Zealand 🙂 hope you both and the Girls are having an amazing experience so far. Love the photos and reading about life aboard the boat.. Love ya’s xxx

  3. Grade 2A says:

    We are sorry to hear that Dusty has been sea sick. We are missing her back in our class. We hope that you have had a good time so far and look forward to more photos and stories very soon.
    From 2A and Mrs Russell

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