Farewell to New Zealand

It’s been a busy 10 days in Whangarei, final provisioning done, the last of the important maintenance jobs on Tangaroa are complete. The time to depart New Zealand has arrived. Tomorrow morning customs will visit to check the ship’s papers and passports, all being in order will clear us to leave here and begin the first real ocean passage for Tangaroa and I; 1000 nautical miles or around 1900km from here to Tonga. We expect the winds to be a steady 25 to 30kts from the south west and a big swell to boot, not ideal conditions for comfortable cruising but great conditions for a speedy catapult towards our destination. Winds and waves are expected to ease each day as a high pressure system moves across from East coast Australia. New Zealand has been really good to us met some great people and had some super awesome times. But after a cold week in NZ I’m looking forward to the butter softening, the water turning from green to blue and the kelp reefs to turn to colourful coral.

Luisa and the girls will not be aboard for this crossing, they are spending a week land based at a friend’s house in Wellington, then fly in to Nuku’alofa Tonga on the 23rd. Meanwhile myself and my crew of 3 salty sea dogs smash our way north in a hope to arrive in Nuka’alofa before the girls fly in and expect their floating house and comfy beds to be ready to receive them. That will mean an average of around 150nm a day needs to be maintained.

If you would like to follow our progress over this crossing and beyond we hope to be updating our position regularly, click on ‘Where are We?’ on our blog or click here.

Today's sail to our NZ clearance port.

Today’s sail to our NZ clearance port.

Anthony Schellens



7 thoughts on “Farewell to New Zealand

  1. Maegan Johnstone says:

    Hi Amber, today at school we got your postcard. Thankyou heaps for it. Sadly Logan is away on holiday so she hasn’t seen it yet. I hope you are enjoying your adventure and I miss you heaps. How do we call you like u said in the postcard. We have recently had NAPLAN but I am glad it is now over. I hope you and your family are well. From Maegan

  2. Mitchell Warrick says:

    great pictures on the blog, hello from Mitchell Warrick, enjoy the next stage of your trip and stay safe

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