Tongan school visit by Amber.

Amber's visit to a Tongan School.

Tongan School

Tongan Classroom

4 thoughts on “Tongan school visit by Amber.

  1. logan sleep says:

    hey amber I miss you so much. when I saw your pictures I almost cried I’m just wondering what your phone number is cause me eilish brooke and mae want to call you

  2. Brooke loft says:

    Hi Amber! Hope you’re having an awesome time in Tonga, everyone back here is missing you, I really wish you were here, we had winter sports, where you had to choose a sport and practice at school, then you’d go off somewhere and play it, I chose netball with Maegan and Eilish, Logan did volleyball. I really wish you were here, I really hope you’re having an epic time, and sail safely.

  3. Maegan Johnstone says:

    Hi Amber, I am missing you heaps. Tonga sounds great, is it a nice place? I got a dancing role in the musical and I can,t wait for the rehearsals. Brooke, Eilish and Logan are missing you as well and your buddy Abby is as well. We got you post card a while ago but we are not sure how to call you like it sad on it.
    from Maegan

  4. B says:

    “Try hard and do your best” – not bad motto to live by.
    Big kiss from all of us to Amber who is growing up so fast!

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