And we’ve arrived in Fiji…

With steady trade winds directly behind us we sailed with the sails wing and wing for the entire 66 hours and have just arrived in Savu Savu, Fiji. The crossing went really well and there was no sea sickness amongst the girls. Since the last passage, in which we experienced swell and sea sickness, the girls have at times suffered from a psychological sea sickness. Hopefully, this 3 day passage will help them form a timely disassociation between sailing and sore tummies. We are currently sitting alongside the dock waiting for customs to clear us in before we can even set foot on the land. We hope it doesn’t take too long, although a dose of patience is always required when everything happens on ‘island time’. We are looking forward to our first shower since leaving New Zealand 2 months ago, which sounds like a long time until you put it into the perspective that many houses in Tonga do not have a shower and every wash is either by a bucket of cold water or by soaping up, fully clothed outside in a downpour. But for now the shower will have to wait until we are allowed to lower our quarantine flag and instead we’ll enjoy eating breakfast without the motion of the ocean.

Luisa Schellens

One thought on “And we’ve arrived in Fiji…

  1. Grade 2A says:

    Hi Dusty and the Schellens family,
    We haven’t checked in on you for awhile, but it looks like you are having a very exciting and memorable time.
    We have recently been on holidays ourselves so we haven’t been together in our class. Now that we are back, and having seen your blogs, we are all very jealous of you. How exciting that you have been able to swim and swing off your boat into the crystal clear turquoise waters. It all sounds wonderful and fun.
    Still missing you in our class.
    Mrs Russell and 2A

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