A few fish.

Saw a few fish today …

Where’s Dusty?


4 thoughts on “A few fish.

  1. Maegan Johnstone says:

    Hi Amber I am missing you heaps. It was my birthday today, I turned 11. I wish you were there. Fiji sounds awesome I have always wanted to go there. your so lucky. Do you have Skype because if you do we could talk. I am in the talent quest tomorrow and I am really nervous. I am singing never gonna be he the same by Jessica Mauboy. I wish you were here.
    From Maegan

  2. Grade 2A says:

    Hi Dusty
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Dusty, Happy Birthday to you.
    Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray.

    You need to imagine what that would sound like if you were back here to hear your 22 classmates, Mrs Sleep and Mrs Russell singing this to you.

    We are thinking of you today and hope that you have enjoyed your birthday in another wonderful, exotic location, surrounded by lots of bright colourful fish.

    We are missing you but hope you are having fun.

    We have all been extremely busy back here at school but we are also very jealous of the things you are seeing and doing. We wish we were able to swim with you and the fish.

    1. Thank you for singing happy birthday to me, it made me feel very special. It is fun to think of how loud the singing would be! I had a lovely birthday with lots of friends on the boat and lots of swimming. I really really miss all of you. love from Dusty x

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