Returning to NZ.

We’re on our way to New Zealand, back to the where our Tangaroa journey began. It’s a glorious sunny morning with silky smooth water as far as our eyes can see. A turtle even surfaced near the boat just as we left New Caledonia … must be a sign of a good passage ahead! In contrast to the enduring nature of our passages from Fiji to Vanuatu and to New Caledonia, I would even go as far as to say the journey so far is enjoyable. At our current speed the GPS ETA ranges from 5 days 22 hours to 6 days 4 hours, which keeps us well within the favourable forecast. We’ve had very limited internet since leaving Fiji but have plenty of experiences to share when we are back online. Until then we will update our position and status daily through our satellite phone as we travel closer to New Zealand, you can follow us on our website at

Luisa Schellens

6 thoughts on “Returning to NZ.

  1. Brooke loft says:

    Dear Amber,
    I’m actually smiling right now, just knowing you’ll be back soon the year hasn’t been right without you and I’m missing you every day, I can’t wait for your return. At school we’re designing class parties, and the theme for mine is studio Ghibli, I’ve even got a Totoro cake!
    Lots of love Harty Farty (Brooke)

  2. Maegan Johnstone says:

    Hi Amber
    I am really missing you. We have recently the musical and it was so fun. I was a clown dancer with Brooke, I think you would of made a great clown. Miss Ticchi will be away this week because she is getting married. We get a different teacher called Miss Silvers and she is really good. I have some questions for you: When are you coming back? Do you have Skype? (I do and if you did we could Skype each other) and if you had to choose between Brooke Eilish Logan and I who would you choose? (if you don’t or cant answer this question don’t worry about it).
    Missing you heaps, love Mae

    1. Hey Mae,
      I’m really missing you too. I sometimes have Internet so tell me your skype name and I’ll try and skype you when I can. When’s a good time for you? I like all of you guys the same amount.
      lots of love from Amber

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