Confined Creativity

Before this trip I envisaged that we would be spending alot of our time on beaches. The reality has been that most of our time is spent 100% surrounded by water, whether swimming or while we are dry onboard Tangaroa . It amazes me how the girls can conjure up so many ways to busy their minds and hands for endless hours and even days without leaving the boat. To not be bored is one goal but there is a sliding scale between minds being meerly occupied up to being absorbed and creative. Electronic devices generally providing an easy fix at the low end of the scale but not offering much chance to rise up the scale. Continue reading  

Boat Food

I am sitting in the cockpit, gently bobbing in the ocean, eating a breakfast of boat-made toasted muesli and yoghurt topped with chopped papaya, bought the other day from a small boat full of fresh produce that pulled up alongside Tangaroa whilst at anchor in the Blue Lagoon (yes, THE blue lagoon from the eighties movie starring Brooke Shields) and I think about ‘boat food’. What kind of thoughts spring to mind when you think of ‘boat food’?

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Sailing away from Tonga.

The sails are set and we’re heading towards Fiji. The forecast is good and we have two crew members on board who have just completed their work placement at the Vava’u Environmental Protection Agency. The girls are all feeling positive for their longest crossing so far. We will update our position and status daily through our satellite phone and this can be followed on our website

The adventure continues…

It is with mixed emotions that we prepare for departing Tonga to sail to our next destination in this adventure. We are all excited for the future experiences that Fiji will bring, yet we are a little sad to leave a country that we have grown so fond of over the last 7 weeks. I have so many good memories of this time that the most efficient way will be to write them in a list. So, in no particular order, here are some of my highlights of my time cruising in Tonga, living aboard Tangoroa: Continue reading