Take the easy option?

For over 10 years we’ve had at least one child at home. We became experts at juggling work, family, holidays and hobbies until all of sudden it crept up on us … all three girls in school, in the same place at the same time. Ahhhh, we could have breathed a big sigh of relief and enjoyed this new comparatively easy life OR we could just take them out of school and go on a family adventure. Continue reading  

An adventure of sorts – the girls’ first days at school

Whilst moving out of our house and getting ready for our trip I found these. Can you see any sibling resemblances?


Pacific sailing adventure starting soon …

Busy planning a little adventure at the end of march, sailing around New Zealand for a few weeks and then if all goes well we will be heading north to Tonga Vava’u. If past adventures are anything to go by I think getting to the starting line could be the biggest challenge, so much logistic planning done and still so much planning and organising to do… So this site and blog is still taking shape. If you’re keen to hear how we get on then like us on Facebook or bookmark this page.