Antics in Vavau Tonga

So firstly an update on my patented ‘A Schellens Peach puree lure’ which I humbly created a few weeks ago. I was trawling said lure on our crossing up from Tongatapu to Vavau when I had an almighty strike and the drag begun reeling out line very fast. I lept to the auto pilot and round up into the wind to slow Tangaroa down, I then pounced on the reel to tention up the drag, the line was still reeling out fast and as the tention came up my very sturdy rod began to bend hard. Continue reading  

And they sailed away for a night and a day … and another day .

We completed our first overnight ocean passage as a family and reached the destination that we set out to reach. From my very limited experience, ocean passages seem to be a bit of an endurance test, similar to a long haul flight where an hour can feel like half a day, except that on a flight you can count down the time to destination and on a yacht the time to destination is in the lap of the wind, and engine, gods. Continue reading