There’s nothing like the experience of an adventure that is different to your normal life to give you a good dose of perspective. At times and places in your life you may feel comfortable and relaxed whereas at other times happiness can feel like a distant and unattainble state of mind. Either way, it often boils down to perspective. Continue reading  


We left New Caledonia with glassy seas and after 161 continuous hours at sea with swell ranging from 0 to 1m, winds from 0 to 25 knotsĀ  and boat speed from 0 to 9.5Nm/h we arrived in Opua, northern New Zealand, wearing multiple layers of our warmest clothing and feeling like we had journeyed into winter, completing a round trip of almost 10,000km spread leisurely out over 6 months. Continue reading  

Returning to NZ.

We’re on our way to New Zealand, back to the where our Tangaroa journey began. It’s a glorious sunny morning with silky smooth water as far as our eyes can see. A turtle even surfaced near the boat just as we left New Caledonia … must be a sign of a good passage ahead! In contrast to the enduring nature of our passages from Fiji to Vanuatu and to New Caledonia, I would even go as far as to say the journey so far is enjoyable. Continue reading